Accelerating innovation: New approaches to software development for smarter products

By | September 9th, 2015

Regardless of your role in the IT world, it's important that you stay informed about the big things happening in your field. Let's face it, this is a constantly changing business, and if you are going to enjoy the degree of success you want – to not only survive, but also thrive, you have to be prepared.

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A Smart Approach To Smart Products

Although it may not get as much media coverage as the cloud or big data, the topic of smart products is an important one in today's IT world. It affects us all, if not as part of our work as IT professionals, then definitely as consumers. More and more products are becoming “smart”, and smart products are becoming smarter each and every year. For example, the amount of code in a typical automobile increased more than four times over between 2005 and 2010 to ten million lines. Research indicates that software drives approximately 90 of the innovation in such automobiles.

And cars are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to smart products. These innovations and developments affect your personal life. And they are affecting the work lives of IT professionals more and more often. They require a great deal of coding and development. But let's say you aren't a programmer, and that you work as a network administrator instead. Chances are you now have, or will soon have one or more smart products on your network as part of the Internet of Things.

So it's safe to say, don't you agree that smart products are a timely topic you want to be up to speed on. Content For IT has a free resource that can help you. Accelerating innovation: New approaches to software development for smarter products is a free white paper that discusses effective, efficient software delivery for teams who are tasked with programming smarter products. It also discusses delivery difficulties that stem from the business challenges of creating software for smarter products.

It offers you a unified platform to help you manage the development of today's smarter systems, products and services.

As you read, you will discover

  • Characteristics of an effective software development approach for complex products
  • Why software cannot be considered as just another technical component in a smart product's assembly
  • A potential downside of the “waterfall” development model

This thought leadership white paper also reveals

  • A possible challenge that can arise from complexity in the smart product software development process
  • The effects that consumerization of many smart products is having on software development teams
  • How to enable compliance with required standards without adversely affecting responsiveness
  • What processes should do to be effective and provide efficient, error-free workflows

If you code software for smart products, lead a team of programmers who code smart products or manage smart products as nodes on your organization's network, you'll want your free copy of this white paper. Dwonload it now!