Big Data. Big Opportunity. Big Challenges

By | August 26th, 2015

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For a lot of people in the business world, and for many IT professionals, big data is big news. So today, let's talk about big data, specifically emerging and important big data trends you can't afford to, and don't want to ignore. Understand this: Big data is not just “data”. Enterprises that embrace it and harness its power effectively can expect to see improved revenues and greater cost control. They will also find new visions that can help drive their business forward.

“Why Should An IT Pro Like Me Care About Big Data?”

Maybe you're thinking “That's great for the business side of the company, but I'm in IT. How does this affect me?”. It affects you in many ways. Since big data has such an impact on your company, it could very well provide you and your department with a big opportunity to shine and to stand out positively in a big way in the eyes of C-Suite occupants.

Be Informed About Big Data's Biggest Trends

By definition, big data will involve IT. If you are involved in working with big data, trends in this constantly-emerging field will affect you. So you want to be well informed when it comes to big data and trends happening with it. So why not download your free copy of Top 7 Trends In Big Data For 2015? This free white paper will help you get on the road to seeing and understanding your big data with a new, fresh perspective.

Some Questions For You

Do you want a greater understanding of the relationship between big data and the rapid, widespread adoption of cloud technologies? Are you looking for proven solutions that can help your company's data analysts spend a lot less time on data prep and a lot more time looking for valuable insights? Want to learn more about a technology that is now part of the “new normal” in enterprise data storage? Then you will want your copy of this white paper. It reveals

  • Even though cutting-edge companies Google and Facebook have developed useful ways to leverage the data lake, Gartner offers a cautionary tale (beware the data lake hype)
  • What will happen to MPP (Massively Parallel Processing) databases' involvement in the big data ecosystem
  • Leading companies that are investing in the Internet of Things
  • Specific tools that are making data preparation easier with less technology and infrastructure required

Not only is Top 7 Trends In Big Data For 2015 a brief, easy-to-read paper with valuable insights business managers and IT professionals who manage data will want to devour, it contains links to many outside articles that will boost your knowledge on this timely topic even further.

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