Neglect This And You Might Risk Your Job

By | August 19th, 2015

As an IT pro, you want to stay on top of important developments in your field. ContentForIT is here to help you. We offer you the type of useful, actionable content you are looking for - a broad selection of white papers on the topics most timely and relevant to technology leaders like yourself. Like most IT professionals, data protection, both backup and restoration, are probably very much on your mind. So today, let's talk about this critical IT subject.

Data is critical to the success of your business. You can't operate day-to-day without it, and if it's lost or destroyed, it can put your company in a major bind. It can be very expensive. Data loss can even put you out of business. So naturally, effective data protection needs to be a top priority for your organization.

Are You Building A New House On A Crumbling Foundation?

But some business managers, when they think of data, focus on storage technology at the expense of, or even to the exclusion to, backup and recovery. Or maybe they think their old, outdated, fragmented approach to backup is “good enough”. The truth is, this approach is not good enough. It's not adequate for the complex, modern network. Any IT modernization campaign must include agile, efficient and dependable backup and restore capabilities.

There's no doubt that explosive data growth is a challenge for many IT teams tasked with backup and restore procedures for their companies. But this is far from the only backup-related challenge they face. Chances are they (and you) are also dealing with

  • One or more VM backup/restore scenarios
  • Application-specific backup procedures
  • Different approaches to backups in remote offices
  • Longer backup times due to increased storage capacity demands

as well as many other situations that render their backup and restore process too complex to be sustainable.

Other important considerations include

  • Data deduplication
  • The balance between cost, risk and agility
  • The right setup based on company size, number of and distance to remote offices, etc.

What You Need To Know Now For Modern Backup is a buyer’s guide that navigates the complexity of data storage, backup and restore. It will help you conduct an informed conversation when you are ready to invest in backup technology.

In this guide, you will discover

  • Why data deduplication is such an important capability and recommendations to help you combat the “ugly math” of backing up multiple copies of the same data
  • Why backup performance matters for service levels
  • Tips that can help you back up critical applications without hurting your network infrastructure's performance

Outdated, inefficient data backup and restore processes and technology can be a significant drain on your company. If this describes your current situation, then the flip side is it also represents a big opportunity for you to free up time, disk space and money.

What You Need To Know Now For Modern Backup can help you get on the right path. Download your free copy now!