An Effective, Secure Mobile Solution For Your Employees? Yes, It's Possible!

By | August 12th, 2015

As an IT pro, you need access to useful, actionable information that will help you stay on top of developments in your field. ContentForIT is here to help you. We offer a broad selection of white papers on the topics most timely and relevant to technology leaders like yourself. Today, let's talk about mobile technology strategies.

Few tools in today's ever-changing IT world offer more opportunities, and present more challenges, than mobile technology. Enterprise that understand the importance of mobility, and develop (and follow) strategies accordingly, are moving to the head of the pack. Those that don't are costing themselves a competitive advantage and are putting their networks at considerable risk of security breaches.

IT and business leaders must successfully address many challenges in order to reach the stage where their mobile users are productively working and collaborating in a secure, seamless fashion.

The Time Is Now!

Let's face it: many, if not all of your employees are going to use mobile devices, maybe their own, for work-related tasks, with or without your approval. According to Forrester Research, almost 60% of corporate workers access enterprise content outside the office with a mobile device. This number will grow significantly in the near future. The time for your organization to implement and refine a comprehensive, workable mobile strategy is now!

Many IT leaders today see security as their top mobile technology concern. 40% of respondents to a recent IDG survey said they expect consumer technology, including mobile devices and apps, to have a negative impact on enterprise security over the next twelve to eighteen months.

And it's not just the risk of mobile device loss or theft that is causing concern. With the explosive growth in use of free, easily accessible mobile apps, many corporate IT managers fear loss of control of any sensitive enterprise information their users might input and communicate with these apps.

Mobile Security And Productivity. You Need Both

Indeed, security does need to be a primary focus for enterprises that want to harness the power of mobility for their employees. But they also need to take performance into consideration. If security measures are so cumbersome and restrictive that mobile performance is throttled, productivity and the bottom line both suffer.

One of the biggest, yet most often overlooked, challenges to a successful mobility strategy is the lack of interoperability between so many apps. Employees and organizations benefit by having corporate data available on mobile devices, but the “mobility silos” that occur from a lack of inter-app communication end up harming user productivity.

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