By | July 10th, 2015

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This collection is growing each week. I invite you to visit us on a regular basis to find out more about our latest content offerings. For now, let's dig in! There are five IT trends I would like to talk about with you, trends that have a direct impact on IT pros in today's economy.

1. Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery has at least two things in common with other important ares of IT: rapid, regular change and explosive growth in adoption. One of DR's major growth drivers is the reliance on massive stores of data combined with the risk of not being able to conduct business if that data becomes unavailable. Like most IT organizations, chances are yours needs an effective, viable disaster recovery solution. Download your free copy of Three Pillars of Disaster Recovery today. It reveals:

  • One major advantage of managed hosting
  • Why there is a natural synergy between disaster recovery and the cloud service model
  • Two reasons a public Internet connection may not be sufficiently reliable for the disaster recovery function

2. Security

It seems like every day, we hear about another major security breach. Here's some bad news: security breaches are expensive. And they are highly likely. A March 2014 survey found that 87% of organizations had experienced a breach in the previous twelve months.

Enterprises have traditionally focused on protecting their servers and networking devices such as routers and firewalls, but have often neglected securing end-user devices. This problem is growing more pronounced with the growth of BYOD (bring your own device). More and more companies are letting their employees connect their personal mobile devices to their networks, posing a major security risk in the process.

When you are embracing the convenience and user-friendly nature of BYOD, you need a proven way to protect your network. You need to do so without interrupting workflow or putting an additional burden on already strained IT resources and staff.

3 Essential Components for a Strong End User Security Strategy can help you. As you peruse this brief but solution-rich white paper, you will discover:

  • One major advantage of managed hosting
  • Why there is a natural synergy between disaster recovery and the cloud service model
  • Two reasons a public Internet connection may not be sufficiently reliable for the disaster recovery function

3. The Cloud

In today's IT world, few topics generate as much interest, confusion and controversy as cloud computing. Many organizations have embraced the cloud wholeheartedly. Many others are leery of the cloud, afraid they will be putting their data at undue risk and surrendering control of their IT processes by going to the cloud. Still others are just plain confused, and don't know which direction to turn.

If any of these three categories describes you and your company, you'll want to download your free copy of Building the Business Case for Cloud: Real Ways Private Cloud Can Benefit Your Organization today. In this paper, you will discover

  • The leading driver of cloud adoption, according to a recent survey by Harvard Business Review
  • One of the primary ways a private cloud solution can help you streamline operations
  • How the cloud can empower your users to do their jobs better

4. Big Data

I've got good news and bad news for you:

First the good news: Your company has more data available to it than ever before.

Now the bad news: Your company has more data available to it than ever before.

Modern technology allows us to gather amounts and types of data undreamed of as recently as a few years ago. This is a “double-edge sword”. Big data offers you many golden opportunities. But, it can also, improperly managed, cause you a ton of frustration.

Regardless of which business you are in, it's important that you be able to efficiently and effectively analyze and act upon the data available to you. Top 7 Trends in Big Data for 2015 can help you. As you read, you will learn

  • How the 80-20 rule may negatively impact the data analyst
  • A widespread technology that is part of the new normal in data storage
  • Why the big data ecosystem will soon start to change form

5. Mobile Applications

Mobile technology has revolutionized our cultural and economic landscape. And, like it or not, mobile devices are now a reality in the day-to-day operations of most organizations. Many enterprises are now developing their own apps for specific tasks to improve productivity, enhance business partnerships and boost customer satisfaction.

But if your organization is going to enjoy these benefits, you need to incorporate mobile security best practices throughout the application lifecycle. Best Practices for Mobile Application Lifecycle Management will show you

  • How you can ensure strong mobile authentication without hurting user productivity
  • A proven way to prevent data leakage and stem the commingling of corporate and personal data on mobile devices
  • The easiest and most secure method of distribution and control, once apps are developed

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